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Piano Tuner London and Piano Restorer London

Gordon Holmes trained to be a piano technician from 1978 to 1982 and gained the highly respected City and Guilds qualification (Diploma).

Since then, he has worked for many piano companies and gained a wealth of experience in the tuning and restoration of pianos.

Gordon takes great pride in his work on London pianos and produces professional craftsmanship of the highest order.

So, unlike some others who advertise themselves as London piano tuners and advertise London piano repairs, Gordon has the qualifications and experience to provide a first class job.

If you require London piano tuning or require a piano restorer London or need piano repair London, please contact the London piano technician to discuss your requirements and benefit from his expertise at most reasonable rates.

What people say...

"...thank you for the excellent piano restoration."
Mrs. Hill, Twickenham.

"...reliable and excellent service."
J. Wilson, Putney.

"...we were most impressed with the piano repair."
Mr. P. Reynolds, Richmond, Surrey

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Tel: 07810 898401

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